Brass Arundel Orb Surface Mount, Plug-in


There is the Arundel “innie” (an inverted surface accent) and this one, the “outie”, with an exposed Orb diffuser. Install on a wall or as overhead lighting. Bulb included.

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Lead Time: Made to order. Ships within 4 weeks.


Additional Images

Bone / Bone side view.

Bone / Bone side view.

Brass Finishes. Photo by Chloe Daley

Brass Finishes. Photo by Chloe Daley

Painted Metal Finishes. Photo by Chloe Daley

Painted Metal Finishes. Photo by Chloe Daley

The Arundel Series

Arundel began at a garage sale in Maine. Noticing a weird, wok-like light on a swivel led to sandwiching a prototype between a base and a diffuser. It’s handsome, almost classic, and available in many combinations of finishes.
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Overall Dimensions: 13 in Diameter x 6 in Da

Materials: Steel, Brass, Glass Buy Metal Finish Samples Buy Brass Finish Samples

Bulb: E12 / 110 V / 5.0 W / 550 lm / 2700 K Buy Replacement Bulbs

Certifications: UL Listed

Key Features

Plug-in Wall Sconce

Fixture is wall-mounted and plugs into an outlet, no electrician needed.

Ambient Light

Overall illumination, uniformly distributed in all directions.

Painted Metal

Wet-coated, achieved by applying liquid paint to solid steel.


Brass: Made from solid brass, brushed or patinated. ✨

Inline Switch

A switch is placed on the cord, 2 feet from the plug.

UL Listed

Authorized and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the American Standard for all things electric ⚡️

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