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Disc Table Lamp With Rim
Disc Table Lamp With Rim

Disc Table Lamp With Rim


Opaline / Cherry Rim
Opaline / Ruby Rim
Opaline / Pistachio Rim
Opaline / Black Rim
Cream / Ruby Red
Cream / Black Rim
Pistachio / Pistachio Rim
Pistachio / White Rim
Pistachio / Black Rim
Custom Color
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Made of hand-blown glass gently coaxed into a nearly-perfect circle. The coloring process exposes the transience of design, as no two Discs, even in the same color, look exactly the same.

Natural materials won’t always do what you want, but in the right hands, they can end up doing something better. Each shade is made-to-order and blown at Urban Glass, America’s first-ever and still-largest glass studio. Since Mother Nature is opinionated, no two are exactly the same. 

The diffuser-and-shade system allows for dozens of styles. If you like a combination we’ve already made, great, it’s yours! We also encourage customization — you hand-pick the color, size, and finish. Combined with a variety of configuration options, the sky's the limit. Email us if you have a custom color or size in mind. Email

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Every fixture is made to order and has a different lead time. This ships within 12 weeks.