Mushroom Floor Lamp

Mushroom Floor Lamp


At 5’7, this is a taller-than-average floor lamp. We recommend having floor lamps in rooms with ceiling lighting to offset harsh shadows and produce better selfies photos. Each diffuser is mold-blown, and while precise, they are all unique. Bulb included.

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Additional Images

Detail of the flat, cylindrical metal base and cord of a black floor lamp sitting on a wood floor.

Base detail. Photo by Max Burkhalter.

Black. Photo by Max Burkhalter.

Black. Photo by Max Burkhalter.

The Mushroom Series

Aren’t they cute? Each mushroom diffuser is mold-blown by humans, so they're all individuals. While the same size and shape, they are not identical.
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Overall Dimensions: 7 ¾ in Diameter x 67 ⅛ in H

Materials: Glass, Steel Buy Glass Finish Samples

Bulb: GU24 / 110 V / 5.0 W / 550 lm / 2700 K Buy Replacement Bulbs

Certifications: UL Listed

Key Features

Floor Lamp

This fixture supports itself, needing no walls or furniture for stability.

Ambient Light

Overall illumination, uniformly distributed in all directions.

Mold-blown Glass

Hot glass is blown into a mold made of clay, wood, or metal.

Painted Metal

Wet-coated, achieved by applying liquid paint to solid steel.

Inline Switch

A switch is placed on the cord, 2 feet from the plug.

UL Listed

Authorized and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the American Standard for all things electric ⚡️

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