Orb 8 Table Lamp
Orb 8 Table Lamp
Orb 8 Table Lamp
Orb 8 Table Lamp
Orb 8 Table Lamp

Orb 8 Table Lamp


Our orb diffusers come in 3 sizes; choose yours based on where this lamp will go. We tend to prefer larger sizes for illuminating a work surface or a side table. Smaller orbs look lovely placed up higher or closer to the floor. With a weighty base that won’t topple, you can’t go wrong. Bulb included.

This is our 8-inch version. We also offer the same base with a 5-inch orb and a 10-inch orb.

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Additional Images

A small dimmer knob on a black, cylindrical metal table lamp base.

Integrated dimmer detail. Photo by Cody Guilfoyle.

Black. Photo by Clement Pascal.

Black. Photo by Clement Pascal.

Reed Green. Photo by Cody Guilfoyle

Reed Green. Photo by Cody Guilfoyle

The Orb Series

Vehemently anti-trend and just plain cute. Orb, like many of our other pieces, doesn’t focus on complicated details or of-the-moment signifiers. It’s a simple way to make a considered design choice for your space.
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Overall Dimensions: 8 in Diameter x 13 ½ in H

Materials: Glass, Steel Buy Metal Finish Samples

Bulb: E12 / 110 V / 8.5 W / 850 lm / 2700 K Buy Replacement Bulbs

Certifications: UL Listed

Key Features

Table Lamp

Sturdy and portable, often the easiest lighting solution.

Ambient Light

Overall illumination, uniformly distributed in all directions.

Painted Metal

Wet-coated, achieved by applying liquid paint to solid steel.

Integrated Dimmer

A dimmer switch is built into the light fixture.


Designed to be adapted; select your color, finish, size, and more.

UL Listed

Authorized and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the American Standard for all things electric ⚡️

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