About In Common With

In Common With is a New-York based design office manufacturing customizable furniture, lighting and objects, on-demand.

Everyone is unique, and we believe consumers deserve objects that reflect their individual needs, style and habits. Custom design certainly exists, but it often comes at a premium cost, we’re trying to change that. 

We design all of our collections around a family of modular components, and create parameters that customers can design their individual orders within. Our model involves the customer in what we make, engaging them in the experience and their product. It puts a personal story and connection behind the objects we make together. 

Instead of stocking finished products we utilize an on-demand manufacturing model, which allows us to make unique, custom products with our customers, but also helps us to reduce waste from manufacturing. When a customer places their order, it goes direct to our factory, is made, packaged and shipped direct to the consumer. Our production model allows individual orders to be manufactured at the same cost and speed as mass-produced items. 


On the other hand, most products are mass-produced in advance and designed for an average consumer. This leads to a huge amount of waste where things end up being unsold, where retailers are forced to discount items from having overstock, until the pre-made products inevitably end up in a landfill. 


By changing when you make things, everything you make has been sold before its manufactured, and you can involve the customer in its creation. 


Our online customization editor allows consumers to see exactly what they are going to get, before it has ever been made. This platform allows the consumer to feel more involved and engaged in the experience and product. It puts a personal story behind the objects we make.