In Common With is a design studio.
For the most part, we make lights.

We’re a collaborative and curious team focused on making the extraordinary possible.

Our Philosophy

In Common With is a story of curiosity, materiality, and collaboration. Through our portfolio of lighting collections, we explored our way to the aesthetic we’re known for today: simple, striking, and calm. It’s with that same iterative streak that we take on custom and special projects. Guided by our creative direction, every effort is shared. When you see an In Common With object, you’re seeing many invisible hands.
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The Flora Series at our Showroom in Gowanus. Photography by William Jess Laird.

We return again and again to the same forms and concepts, creating a wonderful, expandable catalog; each collection connects to the others like an ellipsis. Our balance of aesthetic and engineering allows other elements to seem singular—matte amber glass, a pendant flipped over and affixed to the wall, or clay that looks like stretched linen.

Our Story

Nick Ozemba and Felicia Hung met on the first day of their freshman year in the furniture design program at RISD. After four years of intense material-driven training, Nick went on to design interiors while Felicia designed products. Few things are as magnetic as well-matched workstyles, so they reunited to form In Common With in 2018, and now they work on everything together. With Brooklyn as home base, they've built a top-notch team and a family of collaborators around the world.

Our Process

In Common With is more than just a name; it refers to the way we work. Every concept begins with us, but we often invite in a novel point of view to help push an idea to a more refined point. Since our founding, we’ve built an eclectic family of collaborators around the world, from glassblowers and ceramicists to metalworkers and engineers. Whether it's for our own lighting collection or a site-specific special project, they help us make the extraordinary possible.
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Our Studio

Our promise is to continue to always do better. We hold ourselves to ever-increasing standards, and we are constantly reinvesting in our designs, process, operations, and role within our community.

Our Gowanus, Brooklyn studio and showroom is available for visits by appointment only.

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