Augustus Orb Pendant

Augustus Orb Pendant


Slab built and hand-thrown by Brooklyn ceramicist Danny Kaplan, this pendant is hung from a brass rod on a self-leveling canopy. Just let us know how long you’d like it. Bulb included.

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Additional Images

A white stone ceramic pendant on a brass rod above pedestals in a white room.

Stone. Photo by Tagger Yancey IV.

Stone and Anthracite finishes. Photo by Chloe Daley

Stone and Anthracite finishes. Photo by Chloe Daley

The Terra Series

A collection of lights that blends beauty with utility. Danny Kaplan is known for his hand-thrown ceramics in rich, tactile glazes, while our work is defined by simplicity and systems thinking. Working in tandem, we embraced what our materials, together, wanted to become: sculptural forms concealing intricate hardware, so the clay and light speak uninterrupted.
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Overall Dimensions: 16 in Diameter

Materials: Ceramic, Glass, Steel Buy Terra Finish Samples

Bulb: E12 / 110 V / 5.0 W / 550 lm / 2700 K Buy Replacement Bulbs

Certifications: Damp Rated, UL Listed

Key Features


Fixture is hardwired and hangs from the ceiling, suspended by a cord or rod.

Ambient Light

Overall illumination, uniformly distributed in all directions.


Lighting output can be modulated with an external dimmer.

Wheel-thrown Ceramic

Clay is shaped by hand on a rotating potter’s wheel.

Damp Rated

Designed to withstand moisture accumulation but not direct contact with water; can be installed in bathrooms.

UL Listed

Authorized and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the American Standard for all things electric ⚡️

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