Tipi Floor Lamp
Tipi Floor Lamp
Tipi Floor Lamp
Tipi Floor Lamp
Tipi Floor Lamp

Tipi Floor Lamp


All legs, with a really cute hat 😉. Because the shade’s finished inside reflects the light rather than absorbs it, this lamp produces a big glow right underneath it. Bulbs included.

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Additional Images

Detail of the flat, cylindrical metal base and cord of a black floor lamp sitting on a wood floor.

Base detail. Photo by Max Burkhalter.

Bone / black lifestyle image by Clement Pascale.

Bone / black lifestyle image by Clement Pascale.

The Tipi Series

Tipi’s shape may seem obvious, but it taps into an insight that humans have had forever: cone structures make clever, responsible use of their materials. Shades are accents but also homes for light. And "thípi," from the Lakota language, means “they dwell.”
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Overall Dimensions: 12 in Diameter x 53 ¾ H

Materials: Steel Buy Metal Finish Samples

Bulb: 2x E12 / 110-120 V / 4W / 220 lm / 2000-2800K Buy Replacement Bulbs

Certifications: UL Listed

Key Features

Floor Lamp

This fixture supports itself, needing no walls or furniture for stability.

Accent Light

Soft but focused light, directed upwards or downwards.

Painted Metal

Wet-coated, achieved by applying liquid paint to solid steel.

Inline Switch

A switch is placed on the cord, 2 feet from the plug.


Designed to be adapted; select your color, finish, size, and more.

UL Listed

Authorized and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the American Standard for all things electric ⚡️

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